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Coltrane Watch:

Interventions surrounding the Coltrane House over the last decade—from nearly all quarters of the Philadelphia jazz community—prove how anguished advocates have been over the condition and the future of the property.

Keep Going, and It Will Happen

This is a time-honored tradition of how the art of jazz is transferred from one generation to the next. The elder gives from a position of experience and honesty. The younger receives with a spirit of openness and humility. This process is essential to preserving the integrity and quality of the music while allowing space for it to grow and evolve.

A Shot in the Arm for the Arts

The line of people snaked around the block looked like it wasn’t going to ever move. Yet there was very little grumbling from the participants in spite of the frigid morning air. Everyone wanted to be here. This wasn’t a queue for a Black Friday sale on televisions or to buy tickets to the first of the live shows we can’t wait to see.

Coltrane Watch:

There have been questions from some quarters about why there is such renewed interest in the Coltrane House, which can be roughly summarized with, “Where was the jazz community all the time the historic home was slowly deteriorating?”