Watch the Summit 2020 New Sounds, New Voices Session

Featuring 2022 Grammy nominees Brandee Younger and Jazzmeia Horn

Congratulations to our Summit alumni who have been nominated for the 2022 Grammy awards, Nnenna Freelon, Brandee Younger, and Jazzmeia Horn! Two of these artists actually participated on the same panel last year, and their session is definitely worth returning to.

The New Sounds, New Voices panel discusses how the next generation will lead the way. Against all odds, Jazz continues to move forward with fresh approaches to music-making. Award-winning vocalist Jazzmeia Horn, daring young saxophonist Immanuel Wilkins and renowned harpist Brandee Younger, talk about their work and creativity. This session is moderated by Sarah Vaughan International Vocal Competition winner, Laurin Talese.

Laurin Talese guides a thought provoking panel discussion about the panelists’ careers and experiences in the jazz industry. This panel discusses their influences for their careers, their creative processes, marketing themselves as musicians and how they balance modernity with tradition when creating music. Tune in to hear this next generation pave the way for a new look into jazz.