Our students are our future. Jazz Philadelphia is committed to helping our young talent find educational opportunities that will inspire their love of jazz, build their skills, and connect them to the generations of players that came before them. 

Education Resources

Jazz Education X-Change

A searchable database of jazz education opportunities to help identify private and group instruction, instrument rentals, camps, and other offerings to further a student’s journey with jazz. Have a resource we should add to this data base? – A great music camp? A fabulous teacher?

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This program restores intergenerational connections by exploring jazz traditions and oral histories through improvisational play and mentorship.

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Regional Events Calendar

Shows. Master Classes. Competitions. Camps. It’s all in our Jazz Calendar!

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Jazz Summit

The Summit is for everyone, including special tracks for students, parents and educators.

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news & stories

A Shot in the Arm for the Arts

A Step Towards Reopening

The line of people snaked around the block looked like it wasn’t going to ever move. Yet there was very little grumbling from the participants in spite of the frigid morning air. Everyone wanted to be here. This wasn’t a queue for a Black Friday sale on televisions or to buy tickets to the first of the live shows we can’t wait to see.

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Jazz Philadelphia Summit 2021

Awakening to the spirit of music and collaboration

By Heather Shayne Blakeslee

Our 4th Annual Jazz Philadelphia Summit won’t be stopped by a resurgence of the pandemic—because the spirit of music can’t be stopped, even when stages are silent. 

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Norman Connors

Hometown Hero Profile

By Bobbi Booker

Today, the 70-something-year-old marvels at the path his life took from living in tenement housing doors away from famed comic Bill Cosby to headlining across the globe alongside jazz, R&B, and soul music legends.

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Kendrah Butler-Waters

Hometown Hero Profile

By Bobbie Booker

Kendrah Butler-Waters' affinity for Philadelphia's historic musical roots has served as the muse for her creative output as a skilled and imaginative pianist, composer, violinist, and vocalist.

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