Coltrane Watch:

The Opportunity

There have been questions from some quarters about why there is such renewed interest in the Coltrane House, which can be roughly summarized with, “Where was the jazz community all the time the historic home was slowly deteriorating?”

The Opportunity

We’ll report next week on the many efforts in the past to save the house, but for now, we’d like for you all to have a study that was done in concert with the community on what the possibilities are for the property, which, it’s important to note, can only be worked on with the consent of the owners. 

This is a 2013 feasibility study by the Preservation Alliance done in concert with many stakeholders in the community. 

A demolition permit for the house next door has been applied for, but not yet approved, by Philadelphia’s Department of Licenses and inspections, and we’ll continue to monitor that situation.