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Coltrane Watch: The Backstory

Blog by Jazz Philadelphia | Research by Suzanne Cloud Interventions surrounding the Coltrane House over the last decade—from nearly all quarters of the Philadelphia jazz community—prove how anguished advocates have been over the condition and the future of the property….

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Coltrane Watch: The Opportunity

By Suzanne Cloud There have been questions from some quarters about why there is such renewed interest in the Coltrane House, which can be roughly summarized with, “Where was the jazz community all the time the historic home was slowly…

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Coltrane Watch: Demolition Permits and the Coltrane House

By Suzanne Cloud Questions surrounding how any person or business gets a demolition permit for a building are rampant in the jazz community, especially when it concerns the John Coltrane House at 1511 North 33rd Street, or in this case,…

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