Welcome to our new website!

We’re excited you’re here.

Welcome to the new Jazz Philadelphia website! The new site captures the vibrancy of the Philadelphia jazz scene. It spotlights the people and places that create the rhythm of the city.

Jazz is alive, and in Philadelphia, it has a dynamic pulse quickened by the masters of the past, the players of the present, and the innovators of the future.

As you explore the site, you’ll be peering into a community laden with talent. In our Hometown Heroes section, you’ll discover new artists who are blazing new musical trails and established artists who have paved the way. You’ll find a calendar of performances and community events that keeps you in the loop with the music you love.

In our Jazz History Timeline, you’ll read compelling stories about jazz greats associated with our city. These accounts will inform and inspire you as you listen to samples of music that show why these stars shine.

You’ll also get the first glimpse of programming in development. Students and families seeking jazz education will locate teachers and programs on our Jazz X-Change page; if you or a program you lead is a resource, please make sure you submit it to us so that we can grow the listings. Musicians can enhance their career prospects by learning about the upcoming CORE Cooperative and our Passages programs.

Finally, you have an open invitation to get involved. Join us as we celebrate and support this remarkable jazz community. Feel free to submit a suggestion for a news story tip or a Jazz History Timeline entry, nominate a Hometown Hero, or volunteer at the Summit, which will be held this year on Nov. 5 and 6—registration is open and we hope you’ll join us.

Like jazz itself, the Jazz Philadelphia website is a living thing. With your involvement, the site will grow, flourish and serve a creative community that is second to none.

We look forward to hearing what you think, and we hope you’ll enjoy what we’ve built together.