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Maria Marmarou

"As much as people talk about New York, Chicago, or New Orleans, Philly definitely has its own thing. It's so communal, and it's really cool to be a part of that."

Bob Perkins

"When you can take a horn or piano or guitar and make it sing, you tell stories of who you are. There's a niblet of a story in the music—who loves me; who didn't love me; my likes or dislikes—all encapsulated on the two to three-minute solo. It is part of you, whether you know it or not. It's an accumulation of your time."

Paul Giess

 “I didn't like waking up early,” he recalls, “but my mom said she'd give me a dollar allowance a week if I went to jazz band in the morning. That gave me the motivation to get out of bed.”

Diane Monroe

Diane Monroe is a rare gem of a musician whose original compositions and arrangements have garnered accolades from both the classical and jazz worlds, and she continues to bridge the divide.

Pablo Batista

Latin jazz percussionist Pablo Batista has developed a reputation as one of most versatile and hardworking players in Latin jazz, modern jazz, and in R&B and funk circles.

Hailey Brinnel

Trombonist, vocalist, and educator Hailey Brinnel has been steeped in music her whole life. She was born into an entertainment family and grew up traveling throughout New England with her father, singer David Brinell. At age 10, she picked up the trombone, becoming serious about it in high school.

Randy Brecker

Trumpet great Randy Brecker is a legendarily prolific voice across the worlds of jazz, rock, pop, and R&B.

Joey DeFrancesco

The story goes like this: Philadelphia pianist Eddie Green led a jam session at the Not Quite Cricket room at the Latham Hotel every Sunday, and it was always packed. One night a 9-year-old kid came in with his parents and wanted to sit in on piano...