Children of Adam Band utilizes outdoor rehearsal space

And live stream videos to engage with their audience

After starting 2019 with a performance tour at George Mason University during Valentines Day and preparing for their upcoming international spring festival, the COVID-19 pandemic brought the Children of Adam Band’s 14-personnel tour schedule to a screeching halt on March 11, 2019.

The band brainstormed during from April to June, attempting to strategize a “work-around” that would allow them to resume some resemblance of rehearsals in preparation for their new album scheduled for 2021 release.

And they found one. In order to engage with audiences, Children of Adam repurposed some performance videos they had already shot into 8 live stream events during 2020. Additionally, they focused on creating safe outdoor rehearsal space—staying 20 feet apart, using disposable mic covers and battery-operated amps and wearing ppe—to create and share audio clips for their new songs.

The band was also approached by WHYY-TV12 and some international digital radio stations about adding Children of Adam Band’s music to their shows, and festival venues that cancelled their 2019 schedule due to the pandemic are now emailing back confirmations of including the band in their 2021 season.

“As I said to the audience in our 2019 PHL Live Center Stage award ceremony: the most important thing is opportunity. Grasp and take hold of every opportunity, have faith, be patient, and you will receive what you need,” said band member Baba Ahmad Kenya.

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