Hometown Heroes

Hometown Heroes started as a way to virtually celebrate Jazz Appreciation Month (VJAM) in April 2020, and we hope that all of you enjoyed celebrating some of Philadelphia’s dynamic musicians.

We want to honor the musicians and artists who have helped establish Philadelphia as a jazz city, and for the larger public to know about this essential part of Philadelphia’s history and culture.

We making plans to continue this initiative as a partnership with WRTI, who gave airplay to these artists when we featured their contributions to our city. In this unusual year, when performances have been canceled, we know that it’s important for us to stand in the gap, connecting artists with audiences, with one another, and with our history. Stay tuned as we further develop this partnership and seek funds to make it happen!

In the meantime, leave your comments of appreciation for these featured artists, and if you have recommendations of others we should consider, use the form below to tell us about who inspires you.

We’re also looking forward to even more celebrations during Jazz Appreciation Month in 2021. Find out more about the V-JAM Philly initiative that launched our Hometown Heroes series here.

Nominate a Hometown Hero here

Click below to read more on our Hometown Hero Artist Profiles:

Additionally, we also seek community input in the form of stories, memories, and recommendations. Please use the form below to submit a profile nomination.

Submission Criteria: We will select subjects who were either born in the Philadelphia metro area or who spend spent a concentrated time period of their lives working, studying, or developing here.

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