Our Work

Coming together to show our strength

Jazz Philadelphia is here to be a connector, convener, and advocate for the entire jazz community in Philadelphia, and our work is in the service of our mission: to advance the development of the city’s thriving and vibrant local jazz scene and to establish Philadelphia as a world class jazz destination.

Our work in the coming years will come in many forms, and will include:

  • Serving as the backbone organization for the jazz community, offering resources to support, inform, convene, and connect stakeholders in our city and surrounding areas. Using a Collective Impact model of community change, we are engaging in open conversation and collaboration with all interested organizations and individuals in the jazz community, identifying shared interests and objectives, and will continuously communicate progress toward shared goals.
  • Ensuring Philadelphia has a visible, accessible education pipeline for all aspiring jazz students in the city. Through an Information Hub on our website, we will provide information to parents and students about opportunities and also work with the education community to help students overcome barriers to receiving music education and mentorship.
  • Supporting and advocating for artists. We are exploring ways to connect our regional talent with professional development, mentorship, and opportunities for creative projects and collaborations. The Jazz Philadelphia Summit is our inaugural program, designed to connect artists to much needed information and resources.
  • Creating conditions that will allow Philadelphia’s jazz musicians, presenters, and other stakeholders—studios, technicians, music stations, education programs, and others—to thrive in a financially sustainable ecosystem. We want to ensure that our talent stays and plays in Philadelphia. Our first step is to complete a Jazz Ecosystem Map, now under development. It’s a tool and resource that will allow us to see our strengths, identify aligned stakeholders whose work should be connected, and assess areas that need additional support and investment.
  • Engaging civic, business, philanthropic, and government leaders, to gain their support and increased investment in the Philadelphia jazz community.
  • Championing Philadelphia as a world class jazz destination to visitors from around the country and around the world, while connecting local audiences to the rich and varied talent found right in their own backyard. We’ll work with print, radio, and digital media to raise the profile of jazz in Philadelphia.
  • Ensuring that jazz in Philadelphia is a living, intergenerational, cross-genre pursuit that exists under the broadest possible creative tent. Together, we will create a thriving future for jazz in Philadelphia.



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