Our Work

Coming together to show our strength

Jazz Philadelphia is proud to serve as a backbone organization that connects, convenes, supports, and inspires the Philadelphia jazz community. Together, we:

  • Support sustainable careers for musicians by providing professional development programming, connecting artists to residency and grant programs, and fostering a sense of empowerment community, all with the advice of the artists on our Musicians and Artists Working Group.

  • Tell the story of Jazz in Philadelphia to the region, the country, and the world. Via our Media Working Group, we develop messaging and campaigns that will help brand Philadelphia as a world-class jazz destination.

  • Help develop audiences for jazz. We convene jazz presenters to share best practices for audience development, uncover possibilities for collaboration, and look for ways to surmount challenges together.

  • Develop a strong jazz education pipeline by convening educators in our Education Working Group, who represent the School District of Philadelphia, community music schools, university programs, and others. Together, we look for ways to better serve students and teachers.

  • Provide the Jazz Philadelphia Summit as service and source of inspiration to our entire community. Our programming at the summit reflects the collective wisdom of our Working Groups and others who have engaged with our organization.
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