Mission and Vision

Jazz Philadelphia’s mission is to advance the development of the city’s thriving and vibrant local jazz scene and to gain recognition for Philadelphia as the world-class jazz destination it is.

Jazz Philadelphia plans to leverage the city’s rich jazz legacy and vibrant musical assets to build a strong, cohesive, forward-looking community. We plan to achieve our goals in a distinctly “Philadelphia” way—with a diverse coalition marked by passion, grit, collaboration, authenticity, and creativity.

We envision a future in which:

    • Jazz in Philadelphia is a living, intergenerational, cross-genre pursuit that exists under the broadest creative tent possible
    • There is a visible and accessible education pipeline for all aspiring jazz students in the city, regardless of their background or personal means
    • Our musicians have access to professional development, mentorship opportunities, and more paid work
    • Philadelphia’s jazz musicians, presenters, and other stakeholders—studios, technicians, music stations, education programs, and others—thrive in a financially sustainable ecosystem
    • Civic leaders, businesses, community development planners, tourism officials, philanthropists, and others recognize the jazz community as an asset and opportunity worthy of investment and partnership
  • Regional audiences enthusiastically celebrate Philadelphia’s homegrown talent, and visitors from around the region and around the world know and love Philadelphia as a world-class jazz destination

Together, we hope to honor our roots, celebrate our present, and embrace the future of jazz in Philadelphia.

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