30 Ways in 30 Days: Celebrate Jazz in Philadelphia

We want to hear from you! For the month of April, we will be posting prompts via our social media channels for opportunities to share the love for jazz in Philadelphia. See the full schedule below and follow along on social media:

  • April 1: You‘re going on a long trip and you only have room in your bag for one jazz CD. What is it?

  • April 2: A jazz fan remembers that one life-changing concert. Where was yours and who was the artist?

  • April 3: Shout out Philly talent deserving wider recognition

  • April 4: Fave food at a Philly jazz club

  • April 5: What’s the first jazz song you remember hearing?

  • April 6: What’s the classic jazz artist you wish you could have seen perform live?

  • April 7: Who’s on your Best-Dressed Artist list?

  • April 8: Name your fave jazzy cocktail, beer, or other beverage

  • April 9: Shout out to Philly jazz venues that are “off the beaten path”

  • April 10: You’re in a jazz group, what instrument are you playing?

  • April 11: Name your fave up-and-coming Philly artist

  • April 12: Where do you like your jazz? Outdoor Festival, Restaurant, Theater, Intimate Club…elsewhere?

  • April 13: What’s the greatest jazz tune of all time? No pressure.

  • April 14: Jazz artist that people tell you that you look like

  • April 15: Favorite all-time Philly jazz venue (any era)

  • April 16: Poll: how do you like your recorded jazz: on CD, vinyl or streamed?

  • April 17: Name a non-jazz artist who has a jazzy vibe

  • April 18: You’re opening up a new jazz club in Philly – what are you going to name it?

  • April 19: “The one jazz song I could put on repeat is ____”

  • April 20: Pick the members of your fantasy jazz group

  • April 21: Name a Philly jazz artist you’d like to have as a neighbor

  • April 22: Shout out to the person who first helped you appreciate jazz

  • April 23: Share your top five Philly jazz playlist

  • April 24: Poll: How do you use jazz in your life? Studying? Working? Chilling? Moving? Romancing?

  • April 25: Finish this thought, “If I could sing jazz, I’d like to sing like __

  • April 26: What’s the best room in the house for jazz? (This is not a personality test)

  • April 27: In the Hollywood movie about your life as a jazz artist, which actor portrays you?

  • April 28: Tag the person you want to invite out to your next jazz show

  • April 29: Let’s write a bluesy jazz tune. First line: “I woke up in Philly…’” Your turn.

  • April 30: Finish this sentence, “I wish _____ would perform a living room concert – in MY living room”.

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